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Talent Foundation

The Organisation’s mission consists in combining the interests of students, higher education institutions and employers in matters of search, selection, and professional training of the specialists in accordance with the demands of the labour market, their employment with building up a successful career as well as in providing consulting assistance to employer companies with the purpose of their formation of high-quality labour capital, HR-branding, and high-quality personnel management.

The goal of our organisation is to unite students, graduates and employers by way of providing assistance to students and graduates in their professional orientation and helping them build a successful career.

Our Goals

1. Providing informational and advisory support to higher education institutions in the matters of targeted and dual training of students in accordance with the demands of the labor market as well as students' building a successful career, their professional growth and development

2. Promotion of professional training and employment of higher education institution graduates

3. Development of business relations with employer companies in terms of search, selection and professional training of specialists, their employment, HR-branding, and quality personnel management.

4. Providing assistance to universities and employers in the matters of European accreditation of educational programs.





To students

1. Consulting them on professional and personal growth, i.e. preparation for undergoing professional selection in companies, advice on writing a CV, help with psychological orientation within a particular field of activity; videos and online courses.

2. Providing them with information from employers, recruitment agencies and graduates on vacancies and internships for entry-level positions in leading companies.

3. Participation in company presentations as well as Career Days and job fairs.

4. Participation in meetings with partners, heads of HR departments.

5. Participation in informational and educational events that reveal the ways to successful career building: seminars, trainings, round tables, etc.

6. Organisation of targeted training in accordance with the requests of employer companies.


To companies

1. Posting information about company vacancies on the website of the Ukrainian Talent Foundation.

2. Organising and conducting informational and educational programmes for students and university graduates according to the companies’ profiles (seminars, lectures, round tables, competitions, etc.).

3. Assistance in the search and selection of personnel: initial selection from the databases of the Ukrainian Talent Foundation according to the companies’ criterion requirements, preparation of recommendations and characteristics of selected candidates, having initial interviews with candidates, development of individual programmes for their selection, organisation of corrective and adaptation courses for them according to the companies’ needs.

4. Organisation of programmes for company management advanced training in accord with the current trends in the development of the latest management technologies, development of economy and society, HR-branding, and quality personnel management.

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