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Our team


Kateryna Stoyan

Hello, my name is Kateryna. I am one of the founders and the director of the Ukrainian Talent Foundation.

Having more than ten years of experience in the hotel business occupying management positions in 5-star hotels, I often encountered the situation when future employees came to the interview unprepared, or failed it due to anxiety and inability to control themselves. There were also situations that even though the interview was successful, the person could not work in a team, adapt to the working environment, or they even admitted to have chosen the wrong profession altogether.

That is why the idea arose to help Ukrainian students by teaching them how to write a CV correctly, telling them how to dress for an interview, how to answer the questions in the best way possible, and how to join the team after their successful recruitment.

By studying hotel business in Switzerland, since the first day we were prepared to build a successful career. So this is the experience that we would like to share with our students, as well as to help them take the first steps towards a bright future.

Alyona Shatylo

Hello! My name is Alyona and I am the co-founder of the Ukrainian Talent Foundation. I have extensive work experience in the field of HR. What I love most about my job is to inspire people to discover their hidden talents, acquire new skills, achieve their goals, and grow professionally.

That is why there occurred the idea of creating an organisation designed to help the students at the start of their professional path. I am extremely happy to teach the students not only how to write a powerful CV and get ready for an interview, but also to the art of communication in a new team as well as many other important things.

Artem Kazanovskyi

My name is Artem, I work as a manager at the Ukrainian Talent Foundation.

I have more than eight years of experience in the IT sphere, so I know how to connect IT companies and young talents.

On the premises of the Ideapool studio, our team have taught programming to more than 50 specialists who later started to work in well-known companies.

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